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What should we think while naming a business?


An ideal business name contains the key elements of your company for forging ahead in the business world. Sometimes, people make such an unconventional name of their company that it become so hard to remember. An eccentric or long name can indeed undermine your audience's ability to search for it. Short names are preferable than the long name of a company. The name of a company is the identity which is as crucial as attracting the customers in the competitive world. If you are to Company Registration and still in a dilemma, what should be the name of your company than this article will help you to know the right process of making the name of the business. Besides, in most of the cases, people misguided by committing some pitfalls. This article will also enlighten you about the various pitfalls which should be avoided.



Proper research and testing Business name ideas


There are mainly three kinds of research for a business name which are given below:



Online research: Internet is used by a large number of audience to find any business in a jiff. So, it is the very smart way to test your business name:



1.    Keyword research: Whatever is your idea, first see that it has a strong online presence or not. If you are giving preference to a common word then it might be challenging to place it on the first or second page of search results for Google.



2.    Business URLs: The business '.com' or 'org' should be available as a domain name.



3.    Social Media: Your business name must have a presence on several social media such as Facebook, Twitter or more. If the competitor parties have the similar names then you will be able to tell to these networks.



Trademark research: It is not necessary that every business must have a trademark until you are not infringing on anyone else's trade name. Although, trademark attorney must be considered to ensure that your name doesn't infringe on another business's trademark. This step could help your company to avoid the heavy cost of litigation in the future.



Audience Research: How the people are responding to your company's name is the thing that you can know from the survey. It may happen that some people do not like the name that you have chosen but what matters the most is that they should remember the most.



Develop Marketing skills and Knowledge


You have to develop the strong marketing skills as much as possible either by recruiting the candidates having the latest marketing educational background or creating a providing the online environment that accommodates their work and personal schedules.



Pitfalls to be Avoided


There are some pitfalls that must be avoided at the time of making the business name. If you ignore them then it can become a point to foil you. These are the followings:



Avoid acronyms having no apparent meaning: Too many obscure things can create a problem for your audience. However, coined words can be a factor of power in certain situations.



Avoid overused Metaphors: Overworked names such as 'Apex, Peak or Pinnacle should be avoided. The positive words and metaphors can work wonders. Companies having data storage conveys more strength and security in its name.



Avoid negative connotations: Always be careful with the terms that have possible suggestive and embarrassing or negative meaning. It may affect your business adversely.



Avoid geographic words: If your business is beyond the region then you can encounter your problems very easily.